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Jamberry is a nail company best known for their easy to apply pre-designed nail wraps, creating a nail art look in minutes that lasts up to two weeks.


Influencers in the beauty and nail space naturally gravitate towards Jamberry’s product, but given that DIY nail art appeals to a larger audience, we needed to work with influencers in other verticals (fashion, food, etc.) to increase product awareness and create unique and diverse content for the brand.


Style House identified a Brooklyn dessert festival called OMG Dessert Goals as an opportunity to tap into our connected blogger network and engage them on behalf of Jamberry in a fun and authentic way that would result in beautiful brand photography. We provided the bloggers complimentary tickets to the festival, a professional photographer to ensure high quality content for everyone, a manicurist to perfect the application, and of course DESSERT! Building a relationship with the festival founders led to even more earned coverage, and positioned Jamberry as a creative collaborator within the industry.