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Our Values

We know that all problems can be solved through effective communication and positioning. We have a responsibility, as women, to market responsibly to women. We believe in kindness, connection and progress (kind people are our kind of people). If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.


Our Story

Janna Meyrowitz Turner founded Style House in 2006 as a boutique antithesis to high-stress public relations offices that didn’t breed creativity or loyalty. For over 12 years we've been partnering with female-forward indie and established brands that turn our entrepreneurial business brains into overdrive. 

We're continuing to evolve the role of a public relations agency.

The core of a business is how it relates with its public: consumers, clients, partners, investors, influencers and media. Every touchpoint you have with your public, both online and offline, is an opportunity to emotionally and impactfully engage. 

We're holistic brand reputation managers.

We analyze and enhance every outward facing aspect of your businesses to ensure you are included in dialogues that matter - in the media and in real life.  Our clients appreciate our strategic and elegantly candid advice, and our ability to optimize resources through creativity and connections. 

We’re creative, fun-loving, smart communicators that are always seeking new challenges.


Our Founder
Janna Meyrowitz Turner

At a young age my academic parents (mom's book, dad's book) instilled in me a keen awareness of how we come to know what we know, and how media and other forces inform public perception and how we live our lives. I thought I'd be a journalist, but through editorial internships I discovered public relations.  I started Style House in 2006 at the age of 23.

Today I lead a small team of sharp, creative communicators. We're redefining public relations for the modern era, and harnessing our entrepreneurial spirits and vast networks to grow female-forward brands on a mission. I'm also an advisor to and investor in a range of paradigm-shifting lifestyle companies.

I’m confident, empathic, passionate, organized and pretty fearless - and I know when a dose of humor is necessary. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Ethan, and our son, Harley. I escape upstate on the weekends to Copake Lake with family and friends.

Find me on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you're interested in working with me 1:1, please view my Mindful Business Development and Personal Brand Alignment program outlines.